Cotiella is a limestone massif in the Aragonese Pyrenees. It is also the name of the main summit of the massif, 2,912 meters, which we intend to climb this summer.
Between the Cinque and Hesera rivers. The privileged location of Cotillas, detached from the axis of the mountain range, makes it the watchtower of the southern slope of the Pyrenees. At tienda escalada we plan this climb for next summer, 2021, hoping to commemorate the famous witches’ coven. The summit of Cotielle is one of the places in the Pyrenees where, according to tradition, witches’ Sabbaths are celebrated. Local toponymy shows us names such as Breja de las Brujas (2604 m), the name of the hill next to the summit.

As always, we did our research to get it right.

Location: Central Pyrenees.
Height: 2,912 meters.
Altitude: 1,500 meters.
Time: 4.30 hours.
Access: Saravillo.
Starting point: Collado Santa Isabel (1,530).
Hut: open (1,530).
Season: June-October.
Cartography: Alpine, Cotyella.
Terrain: grassy and rocky.
Difficulty: high.
Effort: high.
Risk: medium,
Equipment: high altitude.

From Ainsa to Bielsa on the A-138, at Salinas turn off at Plan before arriving at Saravillo (1,000). From this village begins a trail in good condition going up a wooded slope. After 2 km. on the right is the entrance to the viewpoint of San SARAVILLO Miguel, after 3.5 km. the side road from Lavazar turns left and after 7.5 km. you reach the vast Collado de Santa Isabel. There is a large open canopy with a drinking trough and fountain (1.520) in a clearing in the pine forest.

Trail description.
At the end of the trail, you must enter the woods and cross a ravine to get to the steep west slope of Movidon Grande, where the trail winds along
The trail then follows the south side of the summit. Along a succession of grassy hills, Mt. Cotielle (2,300 m) appears in the distance. At this point you lose altitude, entering the depression of the Ereta de las Brujas. When the ascent resumes, the terrain is already rocky. Through the hills, guided by the lighthouse at the top, since there are not many landmarks, we cross a watercourse that leads to La Colladeta (2,705). Finally, through a rocky and imprecise ridge, we reach the geodesic summit of Cotielle (2.912).

Other routes.
Cotielle can also be climbed from Barbaruense via an attractive route to the mountain hut and the Circus Armenia. Another route begins at the Refugio de Lavasar hut, but passes through the impressive gravel quarries of Circo de la Ribereta. Notes At the beginning of the walk it is worth bearing in mind that there is not a drop of water along the entire route in midsummer.