Paragliding is a wonderful sport that, until recently, could only be practiced by those who had a short but important training course to learn all the techniques and operating conditions of these fascinating aerial vehicles.
It became more and more necessary to find a way to adapt the conditions of these wonderful flights so that everyone could enjoy them, and so, thanks to the dedicated work of various specialists, tandem paragliding was born.
Tandem paragliding is a particular way that is used quite often today to offer paragliding without having to take a paragliding course, you just need to have a harness system and training that can keep you in the hands of a professional while flying in the airspace.

A service tailored to your needs
Once we understand that it is an incredible opportunity to take part in an experience such as paragliding, we must remember that there must be professionals around who can guarantee an exciting and safe journey and you will not find a better option for this situation than Tenerife Top Paradiling.
Tenerife Top Paradiling stands out as a group of professionals who, thanks to their many years of experience, offer a paragliding service in Tenerife, with all the equipment, gear and knowledge that guarantees a perfect experience and more than an unforgettable flight for 6 people.
The service is provided in its entirety, the team will take care of all conditions to record the experience or we can use our own cameras for memories of the trip. In addition, the team will take you back to your hotel at the end of the trip.

Their dedication is reflected in their travel offerings, which differ mainly in flight altitude and route, the most common being around the south of Tenerife or Teide National Park, with prices ranging from €90 to €170.
For these and many other reasons, we recommend spending a vacation with friends in Tenerife and enjoy a spectacular paragliding flight that we will definitely never forget.